Hi, I’m Hazal and welcome to Hi Atolye , a boutique ceramics studio based in Turkey, where you can find a collection of handmade ceramics for daily use.

Each piece is carefully made by hand in my studio in Zeytinli besides the mystical Ida mountains. 

Making ceramics is a time consuming process involving lots of time, love and effort. Instrumenting the journey of materials , aiming to cause simple happiness through handmade ceramics.

Each piece is made on the pottery wheel, or built carefully by hand and is individually sanded, glazed and fired giving each item a unique personal touch.

All of my work is made with stoneware clay and fired to the highest stoneware temperatures with food-safe glazes to ensure the most durable, functional products possible.

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I hope you enjoy my work.

Please feel free to contact me with personal or corporate inquiries. Be aware that this hand craft takes time and patience, so finishing one piece always needs a while. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Telephone: +90 532 589 46 14
Email: hi@hiatolye.com